Would You Be Better Off With Annual Travel Insurance?

Most people realise the importance of getting travel insurance when going abroad, but it can be tricky to decide whether to get annual travel insurance or a single trip policy. If you are undecided about this particular aspect of travelling, we’ve put together some questions that will help you get to the right policy for your needs.

Are you intending to travel abroad more than once in the coming year?

If you are, an annual travel insurance policy will definitely be a good idea. In many cases taking just a couple more trips abroad can make it worthwhile (and cheaper) to get a twelve-month policy rather than one to cover just the duration of a single holiday. Of course you should check the figures and quotations to see whether this is the case, and think about whether you really are going to go abroad more than once. However, consider this: even a weekend away in France will require insurance to ensure you cover all the bases. It doesn’t have to be a long two or three week holiday to warrant getting this type of cover.

Are you planning short breaks and two-week holidays rather than one longer stay?

We tend to think of a holiday abroad as anything that lasts from between seven and fourteen nights. However, some people are lucky enough to have the opportunity to stay in one place for a month or more. You may think a month long holiday is the same as having a two week holiday plus a few shorter breaks, but this is not the case in terms of cover. Sometimes you will find an annual policy will not cover longer breaks such as this. If you plan to take one long trip like this but no other ones, a single trip policy may prove better and more appropriate than an annual travel insurance policy.

Are you about to retire?

This may seem like an odd question but many retired people try to take advantage of the fact they now have the time to see something of the world. Even if you were previously taking one foreign holiday a year, you may now be thinking of going away a little more often. If this is the case, you may want to switch from the single trip policies you used previously and get annual travel insurance instead.

It is clear there are several things you need to think about before you consider which policy would be right for you. However, if you realise you are going to be heading abroad more than a couple of times in the coming year, you would definitely save money by getting a year-long policy. It would also mean not having to spend more than you have to in order to get the insurance you need.


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