Pluses of Offering Dental Benefit Plans to Employees – Part 1

Dental benefits that are given to employees by their companies offer many advantages, such as the ease of choosing a dentist and reimbursements of many dental treatments. These plans are offered to employees as an added benefit and are a way to retain employees.

By providing these benefits, employers aim to minimize lost work hours due to dental problems and encourage employees to keep getting regular dental checkups. Although dental problems are low risk problems that rarely lead to a trip to the emergency room, people don’t usually visit a dentist often.

Undergoing checkups on a routine basis helps identify problems in the early stages so that early treatment can be sought and complicated treatment is not required. Employees who have the access to dental insurance through their companies are motivated to get regular examinations and X-rays done, which proves more effective than getting a long-term treatment done at a later date.

Employees have to be aware of the type of dental plan they have. There are many procedures that are not covered by the insurance plans they have, and employees should go through the plan carefully before selecting their choice of treatment. The way these plans usually work is if the employees can choose a dentist from the list provided to them by the employers. Certain treatments are not covered by these plans, and the employers reimburse only a certain percentage of the cost of treatment.

Knowing about the dental coverage beforehand helps the patients decide which course they should take when the time comes to visit their dentist. Employees can also add to their existing plan and buy a better coverage for themselves.

The employees should ask their dentist about whether the plan covers preexisting conditions, implants, and other such procedures before starting the treatment. The UCR (usual, customary and reasonable) may differ from company to company and in each geographical location. After the treatment is over, the LEAT (Least expensive Alternative Treatment) is calculated and reimbursed to the employees.

This is done to discourage certain kinds of procedures for the patients, and your dentists may end up administering different treatments depending on the type of treatment plan. On the same lines, some patients may end up paying more to their dentist, whereas others may have a much wider dental insurance coverage.


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