Cyber Insurance: More Claim Scenarios

A Special Update by an agency that offers commercial insurance protection…

Cyber insurance is one of the most vital forms of coverage a business owner can acquire to protect his or her operation. The following summarizes true insurance claim examples in relation to cyber ransomware, phishing and business interruption.

Cyber Insurance Claim Scenarios that could Happen to any Business, Anywhere and Anytime!

1. Ransomware example: An assisted living facility knew something was terribly wrong when they could not open several important files. The encrypted files with an accompanying demand for a ransom of about $30,000 was a ransomware of significance, impacting the computer system. This home for the elderly first agreed to pay a small portion of the demanded ransom so that they would get their hands on a sampling decryption tool. Intent on not giving in the cyber thieves, the administrators attempted to rely on the facility’s own backup system to restore the files. Luckily, they found that the personal identifiable data had not been compromised. Nonetheless, numerous critical computer systems so important to the assisted living home had been rendered inoperable. This led to a loss of $250,000 for repair work and an additional $50,000 in relation to breach coaching and forensic vendor service.

2. Another ransomware example: A medical center had its system attacked via ransomware, rendering its operations severely hindered. The center spent a great deal of money on trying to restore its data through its own systems. In the long run, however, the facility had to pay $700,000 plus some to forensics, as well as data recover, with losses incurred through business interruption and administration expenses.

3. Phishing example: An imposter sent an email to a business’s payroll HR manager through the company executive’s email address with a request for the previous year’s employee tax forms. With no clear reason to suspect any fraudulent actions, the payroll manager sent the requested W2 forms back. The forms contained classified former and current employee information, such as names, addresses and social security numbers. When the damage was discovered, one former employee filed a class action lawsuit against the company, contending negligence on the part of the employer. In due course, the phishing incident resulted in a $70,000 loss for the company as a result of legal costs, notification and call-center services and credit monitoring.

4. Business interruption example: A company was hit by a denial of service cyberattack initiated by someone that was unrecognizable. This resulted in 22 hours of company website interruption along with continued degradation for an additional four days. Due to this hindrance, the company was not able to sell accounts through its website. The results: $750,000 in losses and $40,000 in forensic accounting service bills.


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