A Few Key Specifics to Know About Family Travel Insurance

When travelling with children, contracting travel insurance is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of planning any holiday. Only by being insured can you guarantee your family’s safety in case of sudden illness, accident, or unforeseen circumstances. There are, unfortunately, too many cases where family travel insurance is not made a priority, however, and heartache is the unwanted result.

It would be naive, though, to attribute this lax attitude towards insuring loved ones simply to neglect. The fact remains that, despite increasing amounts of information and progressively more transparent terms and conditions, many people remain unclear as to what exactly constitutes family travel insurance, and what it will insure their children against. Hopefully, this article will offer some clarification, and avoid disappointments for at least some of those who read it.

What, then, is the standard definition of family travel insurance? Quite simply, it is a policy which protects a family group – two adults and up to four children under the age of 18 – against some of the most common hazards of any given holiday. Included in most packages of this type is protection against – for instance – medical expenses, lost luggage and cancelled flights, similar to what might be found in a standard single-person, single-trip policy.

The difference, then, is that contracting family travel insurance rather than individual single-trip policies for each family member is not only cheaper, but it can also equip you with some much-needed extra perks. Advantages of choosing this type of package over a standard single-trip policy typically include extra luggage cover and higher rates on accommodation cover or cancellation. It may also be the case that cover for the children is free, or that the package allows adults to travel on their own as well within the policy’s time frame.

Much like other types of coverage, these group packages come in several types. The most common, and most likely to be used by the majority of families, is the single-trip kind. This type of policy is ideal for families who do not travel more than once or twice each year, as it provides the basic features at an attractive rate. If, however, your family takes trips with any sort of frequency, you may want to opt for a multi-trip or annual policy, which insures you against either a set number of trips or a standard 12-month period.

In the end, then, there is absolutely no need for you or your loved ones to unwillingly brave a trip uninsured. The wealth of group policies out there, most at highly attractive rates, should ensure that you find something to suit your needs.