Yes, Non-Profit Social Services Need Comprehensive Insurance

There are many, many needy causes. Thank goodness, for the social service groups who address seniors, abused women, the homeless, dysfunctional family units, troubled teens, mistreated animals, domestic violence, and so on.

Based on wide experience, insurance companies across the US recommend an all-inclusive non-profit commercial insurance policy for groups catering to the public sector’s requirements. Unfortunately, just because there is an underlying altruistic theme, it doesn’t mean that there is no risk exposure to damages and losses. These in fact do occur quite frequently – and so do related claims and lawsuits.

Insurance Claims Examples

Property Insurance Coverage

A fire erupted within a community shelter for abused women, causing extensive smoke/heat damage. There was no way that the social service group could continue assisting their clients within the ravaged premises until repair work had been completed. The group relocated to another facility in the interim while suffering a property loss that translated into $75,000.

General Liability Insurance Coverage

The visit to an animal refuge was a pleasant experience for mother and child until the traumatic incident occurred: While stroking a sorry-looking pup, the young girl received a vicious bite from an older canine. The pain was only one part of the ordeal because the child required 13 stitches at a medical center. The family sued the animal refuge center for pain and suffering, plus emotional stress.

Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

After a resident at a local asylum received intravenously transmitted pain medication, she developed an acute allergic reaction. The resident’s parents brought a pain and suffering claim against the nurse and the asylum.

Hired and Non Owned Auto Insurance Coverage

A branch of the local Catholic church served the aging population by transporting home-bound seniors to their doctor’s visits, as well as addressing their errand needs. One day, a driver sped through a yield sign without proper caution. The car banged into a truck. Though there was no significant damage to the vehicles, the senior passenger incurred critical injuries. The patient’s family filed a lawsuit against the driver, however, her auto insurance did not have sufficient coverage. The family then sought compensation through a secondary claim with the church’s Hired and Non-Hired Auto Insurance.

Abuse and Molestation Insurance Coverage

For shame that one family could not even trust the volunteer at a Youth Society: A volunteer for troubled teens offered to take a boy on a two-day camping trip. The boy’s parents signed a consent form without realizing what could ensue. While alone with the boy, the volunteer sexually molested him. The boy opened up to his parents about the disturbing encounter. The parents filed a bodily injury and emotional duress lawsuit against the society.

For additional information on how to protect non-profit social services from related claims, speak to an experienced independent agency.