Fleet Insurance Services – Top Tips & Strategies To Help You Find Cheaper Commercial Insurance

Your driver’s age is considered with fleet insurance companies, drivers have to be over 25 with at least two years driving experience. But not to worry, you can insure your vehicles for any driver but your premium will probably be higher, you have to take the good and the bad.

Your drivers must obviously have a full UK driving license and be licensed for the vehicle they drive for your company. For instance, they must have a class one HGV license to driver 32-ton articulated vehicle. Most fleet insurance companies will allow any driver to driver any vehicle but if you employ older drivers with more experience, you could fall into a different category and be liable for a smaller premium cost.

If your company has a bad claims record, the terms of your policy can change and higher excess will be wanted from insurance companies. If one of your drivers has a bad claims record, the insurance company can ask for an increase for that driver. A poor claims record can mean stricter terms are applied and higher excesses.

Your cover can vary between your vehicles; let me explain… you can insure difference vehicles with difference cover, comprehensive, third-party fire and theft, or third-party only. You can increase or decrease your excess for certain vehicles to lower the cost of the premium. You may benefit from cheaper legal expenses if your vehicles are insured under one fleet insurance policy. Your vehicle windscreens can be covered for a much lower price under a fleet policy too.

Risk Management for your vehicles can be managed better if all your vehicles are insured on one policy. If you insure your vehicle with different insurance companies, then each company can take a different look to price your policy and this possibly will cost your company more cash. A fleet insurance policy will make sure all your vehicles are covered properly and reduce the risks for your business.